CATAWATER® Technology

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Dissolved Oxygen Generator:

CATAWATER® rapidly accelerates the rates of oxidation of pollutants, providing an easy and cost-effective way to eliminate numerous wastewater treatment problems that would traditionally be solved with expensive capital enhancements, including increasing plant capacity.

Cost Effective:

CATAWATER® is a true Biocatalyst that, through proven efficiencies, delivers real-time cost savings and can defer major capital cost upgrades to accommodate growth.

Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive:

CATAWATER® utilizes a complex series of mechanisms that have specific safe and non-toxic impacts on microorganisms, enzymes, and co-factors. CATAWATER®’s nominal pH of 7.6 allows these mechanisms to directly function with existing wastewater biology and increase rates of the natural biochemical reactions in wastewater treatment plants, causing the process to work faster and more efficiently than with native biological organisms alone.

Reduced Energy Costs:

A primary demonstration of CATAWATER® efficacy is its ability to rapidly increase Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels and to maintain desirable DO levels, thus avoiding expensive remediation…. The US EPA states that maintaining correct DO can reduce plant energy costs by as much as 50%.

System Solution:

CATAWATER® has the ability to adapt to new substrates due to changes in flow or industrial loading as received by the wastewater treatment plant, eliminating the cost of additional microbial and enzymatic products that are engineered formulations specific to a particular waste stream and that can be rendered ineffective if the substrate changes.

Multifaceted to Reduce Traditional Chemical Usage:

CATAWATER® treats both the soluble and insoluble components of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), reducing polymer usage, hauling fees, and dangerous chemical handling. Traditional chemical treatments only impact insoluble BOD components. It is often necessary to add a chemical oxidant, such as Hydrogen peroxide or Ferric chloride, to reduce the soluble BOD components.

Fat-Oil-Grease (FOG) Remediation:

CATAWATER® is particularly well suited for wastewater or in-fluent streams with fat, oil, and grease content over 100mg/L. The Biocatalyst significantly improves the efficiency of aerobic treatment systems, dissolved air flotation units, oil water separators, and grease traps.